comedy and drama writer

comedy and drama writer

Emma is a prolific and talented writer, with a natural flair for earthy drama and incisive comedy dialogue.

Writing Projects

Writing ProjectsEmma Clarke has experience in a wide range of writing projects though she specialises in comedy writing, for radio, television and the stage – and is experienced in writing drama. Since she spends much of her time working as a voiceover, she specifically doesn’t write advertising or promotional copy! She does write for:

  • radio (both commercial and the BBC) – comedy, dramas and sitcoms
  • television – comedy and drama
  • the stage – comedy and drama


Emma Clarke is a talented and experienced comedy and drama writer, whose work has appeared on television and radio.

Despite spending much of her time voicing advertisements, Emma doesn’t undertake copywriting! However, she is an accomplished comedy and drama writer who has written for BBC Radio 4, BBC television and the theatre. In fact, every play or sit-com which Emma has written for radio has been featured on Radio 4’s Pick of the Week.

Work for radio and television

Emma has written extensively for radio and television – mainly comedy and sit-coms, but also serious drama. Her writing credits include:

  • The Now Show (radio comedy)
  • Stop the World (radio comedy)
  • Mummification (a one-off radio play)
  • Share and Share Alike (radio sit-com)
  • Get your Ears around my Mouth (radio sit-com)
  • Casualty (television drama)
  • Private Viewing (radio sit-com)
  • Teleluvvies (an acclaimed play for the Edinburgh Fringe)
  • The Song’s in the Story and the Story’s in the Song (a mockumentary, for independent local radio, telling someone’s life story through the lyrics of a song)
  • The Write Stuff (a Channel 4 children’s educational show, for which Emma contributed sketches)

Other writing projects

Emma is a keen writer, and has been working on her first novel for the last five years (along with most of the UK, quite possibly) and is currently writing a one-woman play for the Edinburgh Fringe.

Emma is also working on several ideas for children’s television programmes – and also writing a comedy drama about a couple who meet over the Internet. She also writes poetry for her own personal pleasure (and angst).